Increased Efficiency

Scanning your documents allows you to store them on digital media, which enables quick and easy access of your information. Your documents will be more useful to you as you will be able to manipulate them in ways that only digitization can achieve. For example, you will be able to conduct computer-assisted searches to examine thousands of pages of information in a matter of seconds.


Enhance and Preserve Documents

Your documents will be better preserved as they will be protected from physical deterioration and in fact, they will be enhanced by the scanning process. Your files will be scanned with the optimal settings for contrast, brightness and sharpness to produce the clearest of images. In older documents, legibility may be an issue but with scanned files, the images can be magnified and manipulated in ways to better see the text of a page.


Reclaim Storage Space

Files tend to utilise prime office real estate and over time can prove to be quite expensive. Millions of files can be stored on a single physical hard drive or virtually in the "cloud" rather than in bulky file cabinets.The digitizing and subsequent removal of physical documents allows you to take back your office space which can then be repurposed, and in turn reduce overheads.


Increased Document Security

Hard copy information is difficult to secure. There are internal threats such as unauthorised access to documents and there are external threats such as theft or destruction of files by natural disasters. Scanned documents can be password protected and securely stored in the "cloud". You can regulate access levels of specific users to ensure only authorised personnel see the files that you want them to use.


Effective File Sharing

Digital documents allow for easy and cost effective file sharing and collaboration on projects. Documents do not have to be reproduced or carried outside of the office. Multiple persons can in effect have access to information of multiple filing cabinets all simultaneously and on any smart device being used.


Improved Compliance

Document scanning makes it easier for your company to comply with its internal policies as well as its legal and regulatory obligations. Scanned files can be organized, indexed and produced quickly when required.


Environmentally Friendly

Document scanning also benefits the environment because it allows organisations, over time, to recycle their hard copy records. The recycling process will allow for the production of other paper products which will cause a decrease in demand for new paper. This cycle therefore contributes to the saving of trees and ultimately, a greener Jamaica and a greener planet.