We Scan at Your Office

Our service is simple. We transform your space-consuming physical documents into searchable, digital files. We come to you and prepare the documents at your office. We have perfected our document scanning procedures and we have acquired all of the latest scanning hardware and software. We provide secure, cost-efficient, prompt and flexible solutions. We allow you to avoid the headache of scanning your documents yourself. You can avoid wasting time and money that would be extended to ultimately achieve substandard results. We guarantee that using our service will be a worthwhile investment. Depending on how much paperwork you typically generate, you may wish to have your scanning done on a daily basis.


We Enhance Your Files

After we scan your files, we conduct a variety of enhancement processes to increase the usefulness and value of your files. At E-copy, we have the state of the art software to create highly accurate and detailed electronic versions of your documents. We offer the highest levels of accuracy and take your documents well beyond simply being scanned or running your paperwork through a scanner. E-copy Solutions uses leading OCR and Image Enhancement Technology to convert your typed, handwritten, or printed text into documents that are able to be easily searched, and edited in Word/Spreadsheet Processing Software.


Your Files Are Stored

Once all the scanning is complete, we'll store your documents in two ways - on physical digital media or online using cloud storage. E-copy Solutions will return your files on a variety of physical storage such as usb disks and hard drives. We also offer private and public cloud services to allow you to have your files accessible regardless of physical location.