At E-copy Solutions, we provide safe and secure Document Scanning/Digitizing Services to small, medium and large businesses. We have the capability to scan vast quantities of documents in a short time period, convert them to high quality searchable digital files, all while maintaining the confidentiality of the Client's information. This service allows the client to potentially save space on document storage, as well as serve as a backup if the stored documents are damaged.

Document Types

At E-copy, we scan all types of documents regardless of paper size or thickness. The following are the types of documents we digitize:

  • Accounting & Financial Documents
  • Historical Documents
  • Leasing Documents
  • Litigation Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Student Records
  • Employee Records
  • Legal Judgments
  • Legislation
  • Blueprints
  • Engineering drawings
  • Construction Plans
  • Maps
  • Photographs



The Process is simple. We carry our equipment to your office and set up a secure workstation where we scan the selected documents.

We will prepare the files to ensure that they can produce the best images possible. This involves removing staples, fixing holes, tears and bends.

After the files are prepared, we use our high production scanning machines to reproduce clear and sharp scans of the files. Each of our machines are capable of scanning over 100 pages per minute and can handle a total of 15,000 pages per day.

If your company generates paperwork on a frequent basis, we also provide weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual scanning services.