Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is the computer process of converting scanned documents into text form, which is then readable via computer. It takes scanning to the next level by allowing precise indexing and searching of documents.

When OCR is performed on your files, it will expand the usefulness of each individual document as they can be fed into powerful computer applications that allow for full text based searching. The ability to instantly search through your files is extremely useful, especially in organisations that create high volumes of paper records. Apart from performing complex searches of your material, you will be able to use the copy and paste tools on the document as well. This is indeed important when the original digital file is no longer in existence.

The application we provide is easy to use and install and has minimum impact on your system's resources. It uses search operators to join keywords to perform simple or complex searches. For example, the application allows the use of three Boolean operators (AND/+, OR and NOT/-), which will result in the inclusion or exclusion of specific documents from the search results. This search feature is also available where files are stored using our cloud service.



E-copy Solutions uses state of the art computer hardware and leading OCR Software to convert your typed, handwritten, or printed text into documents that are able to be easily searched, and edited in Word/Spreadsheet Processing Software.

We simply process scanned images using our equipment to carefully produce the most enhanced versions of your documents as possible. We can execute this task with great efficiency and produce the desired results to meet your needs quickly.